'Give It All' - DIY Neu Bulletin

"Shaefri’s last single, ‘Monster’, saw the London-based newcomer balance the other-worldly and something infinitely more human. This battle continues on new cut ‘Give It All’. “You’re no god but I’m on my knees / I confess, give me release” she sings, and there’s a constant sense of succumbing to external pressure which makes ‘Give It All’ an extremely cathartic listen. The track’s new video was filmed at the singer’s sold out show at West London’s notorious Notting Hill Arts Club, and every next step Shaefri takes makes her look like more of a talent." - Will Richards

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Clash names 'Give It All' their Track Of The Day

"Shaefri makes deliciously moody pop music.

Dark pop for dark times, there is nonetheless a ring of light circulating around everything she puts her name to.

Debut EP 'Cracks' is out now, with Shaefri launching the release with a stellar show at Notting Hill Arts Club.

Thankfully, a film crew were on hand to capture the performance, laying the singer's nascent talents down on tape.

Clash has nabbed the clip for 'Give It All', and it's dominated by that quietly confident persona, and - of course - that stellar songwriting." - Robin Murray

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"Shaefri is obsessed with anything otherworldly, trying to distinguish humans from monsters. The track’s new video is...a deeply creepy yet thrilling trip through fire-lit labyrinths and castle walls. All pretty dramatic, but it’s a seriousness and intense accompaniment that the track demands - it’s a single that cuts to the heart of human nature (or the lack of it).” 

- Will Richards, DIY